About us

... from a passion for motorcycles!

Stefan Olzak is a dedicated motorcyclist at heart and is also the owner of Peacock Textiles. Out of this devotion was born the idea to produce walking bikes for children. However, these are not just any bikes, but bikes that differentiate themselves from the existing market and that offer Peacock customers something special. Peacock Textiles has been developing and producing textile collections since 1990. Our existing customer base is very automotive focused. We produce textile products that find 70% of their use for promotional purposes.

Motivated by themes relating to motorcycles, the idea was born to develop a child’s walking bike in the form of the BMW Superbike S1000RR and to surprise BMW Motorbikes with this idea. Since then, the bike has been very successfully sold in BMW motorbike shops worldwide! This bike was the launch pad for Peacock Bikes. Since that time, Peacock Bikes has developed a wide variety of different bike shapes, to the highest quality standards and for a variety of customers and industries.