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Peacock bikes as an advertising medium

Our walking bikes provide an innovative and, above all, very emotional promotional product for companies from virtually all sectors of industry. A child’s walking bike is the first bike that a child uses to learn to cycle. Children on balance bikes are an eye catcher. What could be better than a bike fitted out in your corporate colours and attracting a great number of favourable glances?

Take advantage of this fantastic advertising space and allow us to develop your own company bike, theme bike, fan bike, employee gift or sales promotion bike.

Die Vorteile im Überblick

An excellent advertising space that will certainly never be ignored.
The bikes and their riders are real eye catchers.
You promote your brand feeling with your existing customers.
The same feeling you generate in your future customers.
You promote the child’s co-ordination.
The child can learn and have fun, while providing advertising for your company.
Perfect as a sales promotion item, an item of memorabilia, for sponsorship, corporate events, sporting events and theme parks.
Up from 500pcs you will receive your own personalized bike. We have made it our mission to meet every customer requirement. Furthermore, for smaller companies or for customers who do not want to hold a large quantity in stock, we can fulfil your desire for an individual bike produced in small quantities.