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We can produce your personalized bike even in small quantities

Peacock KP Frame

These bikes are individually designed by us, in small quantities. Regardless of the design that you wish to place on the bike. We will implement it for you. Using our KP-frame, we offer walking bikes which we provide for our customers in assembly kits. They offer three large printing surfaces that make the bike a unique head-turner. This enables us to offer a “just in time” solution for all interested customers who do not want, or cannot afford, large stocks. Customers who nevertheless want to differentiate themselves from labelled off-the-shelf products, without sacrificing on quality. This is achieved through our use of a sophisticated bike shape which is different from all the conventional bikes on the current market.

The bike is equipped with high-quality components. Our bikes have wide tube-type tyres that provide good grip. The bikes’ tube-type tires also give the child greater ride comfort, since they cushion the child from impacts caused by rough ground. The handlebars are manufactured from malleable wood and, with their slight offset, play a significant role in providing a good geometry.

These bikes are the perfect solution for taking advantage of this opportunity without ordering large quantities of stock and without sacrificing individuality.

The benefits at a glance

Small minimum quantities
Very fast implementation (approximately 14 days after order confirmation)
Sophisticated bikes with your own individual design