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Valuable learning products for children

The walking bike, also known more familiarly as a balance bike, running bike or training bike, is the best start that children can have to learn how to get around on two wheels.

Peacock bikes are not just cool toys, they should be a child’s first bike. Our bikes are designed in Germany and developed to the highest manufacturing standards. This quality provides tremendous and long-lasting riding enjoyment. Moreover, they also increase motor skills. Children learn to acquire balance easily, gain greater body control and thus boost their physical capabilities.

Walking bikes allow children to acquire bike riding skills earlier than ever before. Research shows that there is a direct connection between play and motor skills, as well as improving the child’s capacity for learning. Riding a walking bike is a great means of movement that gives the child a lot of fun and a completely new experience of mobility. Children who develop movement habits at an early stage grow more healthily.

The perfect preparation for bike riding

Peacock bikes are ideal for preparing children to ride a bicycle at an early age. Our bikes have no pedals, and stabilizers are also deliberately omitted. As a result, children learn in a very short space of time how to maintain their balance and steer. The young bikers start by constantly moving forwards, with one foot always on the ground.

After a short while, their handling of the bike increases. While riding, the children begin to raise their feet and glide for longer periods. They compensate for any sudden swinging of the bike by producing an appropriate reaction with their legs. Children learn very quickly to coordinate the individual movements and have great fun in the process.

The movements adopted on the balance bike later automatically evolve in to pedalling, without your child having ever practiced it! Balancing on a bicycle is safe and stable from the very first metre. Stabilizers are not a good way for a child to learn how to ride a bike, since they inhibit rather than promote a sense of balance. Sit your children as early as possible on a walking bike from Peacock Bikes.

supports sense of balance
improving motor skills
boost physical capabilities
learn while having fun
enhance sensitivity
maintaining overview and sense of responsibility